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Duong & Tran, one of the preeminent law firms in Vietnam specializing in intellectual property, is registered to practice before the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). We offer clients worldwide professional services relating to Intellectual Property (IP). Our services are designed to meet all requirements of our clients, ranging from copyright, patents, industrial designs, trademarks to geographical indications, integrated circuit layouts, and plant varieties.

Our ten-year expertise indicates deep understanding of clients’ concerns and our professionalism is secured by a team of highly-qualified lawyers, attorneys, and other specialists in electricity, mechanics, chemistry, and arts as well. Whatever your cases are, you can expect the best results once you come to us and let yourself be served by our IP talents.

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Quality, efficiency, and Professionalism have always been our focal points or philosophy as you may put it. One of the greatest efforts we have been sustaining is to translate the name of Duong & Tran into QUALITY. We do it by using a client-oriented approach in which the quality of our services is created by a combination of our high expertise and perfect understanding of the clients’ requirements. In this regard, we consider brainpower and continuous human resource development as the key, and our firm always keeps the door open to welcome talents in various fields and from all walks of life.

We also understand that high-quality services must be delivered in the shortest time as possible. All our efforts are aimed at the only target, that is our CLIENTS’ SATISFACTION which comes true only when they are well served and efficiently assisted in securing and promoting their IP added value in their business operations. It is also the decisive factor, which creates and promotes our prestige in IP in Vietnam and the rest of the world.

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