29 April


Myanmar Trademark Filing Requirements (One trademark application covers goods/services in one or more classes) Details of applicant(s) (full name, address, and nationality) One print for black and white mark or 10 prints for color mark List of goods or services to be protected and, preferably, their international classification(s) Original notarized…

29 April


PATENT AND PETTY PATENT DEFINITION According to Article 3 of Law on Intellectual Property (The IP Law) a “patent” means the official certificate issued by the state organizations to protect inventions that are new, involve an inventive step and are capable of industrial application. Petty patent means the official certificate…

29 April


PATENT AND UTILITY MODEL DEFINITION According to Article 3 of Law on Patents, Utility Model Certificates and Industrial Designs (The Patent Law), a “Patent” means the title granted to protect an invention. For the purposes of this law, “invention” means an idea of an inventor which permits in practice the…