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Trademarks – Costs

costThe costs of registration of trademark depend on how many classes of goods or services are covered in the application and the number of goods or services of each class. In addition, the costs also depend on the convention priority rights claimed and objections raised during the examination by the NOIP.

Payment for the costs can be made at the time of filing and granting. Application fees including fees for filing, claiming priority right (if any), publication, conducting search and substantive examination are often paid at the filing date. Granting fees including fees for granting a certificate, registration and publication of trademark are paid upon being invited by the NOIP in a notification of result of substantive examination.

The total costs include official fees and service charges. The service charges are subjected to 5% value added tax. Other disbursements such as telephone calls, faxes, postage, courier and copying will be charged on the basis of the actual expenses.