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registrationAccording to Vietnamese copyright law, registration of copyright and related rights is not condition for protection. However, copyright registration certificate is useful to copyright claimant in disputes or suites because it provides evidence of validity of copyright.

To register your works, performances, phonograms, broadcasting programs, satellite signals carrying encrypted program, you or your representative must file an application for registration of copyright or related rights at the Copyright Office of Vietnam.

Information and documents needed for the registration include:

  • Details of owner(s) and author(s) (full name, address, nationality);
  • Name and category of the works;
  • Publication date (if the work has been published);
  • 03 original works;
  • Notarized Power of Attorney (if any);
  • Notarized Deed of Assignment if the applicant is not the author.

An application for registration of copyright and related right may be filed with the Copyright Office of Vietnam (COV) directly or by post.

The filed application will be then examined within 15 days. The COV’s examiner examines the application whether it complies with the administrative requirements or formalities.

If the application meets all the formality requirements and fees were paid, the COV will issue to the applicant a certificate for registration of copyright or related rights, record the information related to certificate in the National Register of Copyright and Related Rights and publish the information on the certificate in the Copyright/Related Right Gazette.