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Design Specification


designspecificationThe specification must include the following sections in order:

  • Title of the design: the title of the design identifies the article in which the design is embodied by the name generally known and used by the public;
  • Classification: international classification code under the Locarno Agreement in the form of a class number and subclass separated by a dash;
  • Field of application: a statement of the nature or intended use of the article in which the design is embodied;
  • Known relevant industrial designs: stating designs at least different from the claimed industrial design;
  • Brief description of the figure or figures of the drawing: listing the figures of photographs of the claimed design;
  • Feature description of the industrial design: describing essential features of the industrial design and specify features that are new, substantially different from the most relevant designs;
  • Claim: statement of claimed features including new features and substantially different from the known relevant designs.


The drawings or photographs disclose the entire visual appearance of the article in which the design is applied. It is of importance that the drawings or photographs are clear and complete.

The set of drawings or photographs for three-dimensional design usually comprises perspective, front, back, top, bottom, left, and right views. Each view should have a size between 90mm x 120 mm and 210 mm x 297 mm.

In special cases, a cross-sectional drawing(s) in necessary position may be included. If an article to which the design is applied has a cover or is foldable (for example: refrigerator, wardrobe or suitcase), drawings or photographs of it in the open state are necessary.