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Công trình được bảo vệ

According to Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam, copyrightable works include the following categories:Protected Works

  • Literary and scientific works, textbooks, teaching materials, and other works expressed in forms of letters or other writing characters;
  • Lectures, presentations and other speeches;
  • Journalistic works;
  • Musical works;
  • Dramatic works;
  • Cinematographic

    works and works created by similar methods;

  • Fine art works and applied art works;
  • Photographic works;
  • Architectural works;
  • Graphics, sketches, maps, drawings relevant to topography and scientific works;
  • Folk artistic and literary works;
  • Computer programs and compilations of data.

The subject matters protected under related rights include the following:

  • Performances;
  • Phonograms;
  • Broadcasting programs;
  • Satellite signals carrying encrypted program.